Do I Need to be a Maths Expert to Teach My Children?

Like many parents, I believed I had to be a maths expert to teach my children. Because I struggled with maths as a student, I assumed that I would never be able to teach it. Imagine the panic that set in when I made the leap to become a homeschool parent. What was I thinking? I was thinking that I wanted better for my children. I didn’t want my children to have the same experience I had with maths. I didn’t want them to hate maths. I didn’t want their life choices limited because they gave up on learning maths. I wanted my children to be excited about learning maths! Math-U-See entered into my life and changed my perspective!

Even though I would never call myself a maths expert, the Math-U-See program has boosted my confidence and I always feel prepared to teach my children. An added bonus is I feel like I’m learning along with them!  Because Math-U-See is based on the mastery approach to teaching and the easy memorization of computational facts, I soon discovered that my aversion to maths was simply that I didn’t know the computational facts. Math-U-See helped me fix that! Math-U-See, with its integer blocks and manipulatives as the foundation for learning concepts, makes it easy for anybody on any level to learn and memorize math concepts. 

After I learned my computational facts and progressed, along with my children, to upper level math concepts, I started to see how my phobia of math was also related to my lack of understanding with fractions. I’m not sure if I was absent on the day my class learned fractions, but my inability to master this concept made algebra an anxiety-inducing process for me. This time around, with Math-U-See’s fraction overlay manipulatives, I began to understand. Not only did I master fractions, but my children became exceptionally skilled in concepts with fractions too!

Math-U-See gives parents the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of how maths works and doesn’t require that you are a maths expert to do so! 

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Math-U-See absolutely changed how I felt about maths, and it changed how I felt about teaching math to my children who I was determined to prevent from inheriting my maths phobia. Math-U-See let me learn with my children, it was empowering, and I bet it can do the same thing for other parents who felt like me about maths. This program gives parents the opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of how maths works and doesn’t require that you be a maths expert, it makes teaching math to your child possible!

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