A Fun Introduction to Maths

In the Primer level your child will learn not only how to write numerals but also the basics of addition and subtraction, counting, skip counting, geometric shapes, telling time, and they will be introduced to the manipulative block system. It’s a fun and gentle introduction to maths.


FOCUS : Single Digit Addition and Subtraction

 Alpha focuses on teaching the concepts of single digit addition and subtraction.                               We use systematic teaching strategies to help students commit the addition and subtraction facts to memory after understanding is gained through multi sensory  learning.                                  


FOCUS : Multi Digit Addition and  Subtraction

Beta builds on the foundation in Alpha by applying students’ mastery of single-digit addition and subtraction to multiple-digit addition and subtraction.  One of the stepping stones between these two levels is the concept of place value, which is an important milestone for truly grasping any multiple-digit operation.                                          


FOCUS : Single and Multi Digit Multiplication


Multiplication is mastered , building on skip counting / fast addition. The student's integration of "how-when-what-why" is mastered for everyday life application                                                                    


FOCUS : Single and Multiple Digit Division  

Division is presented as the inverse of multiplication. Single-digit division facts are learned and the concepts of division and place value are applied when solving long division problems.                                                                         


FOCUS : Fractions



FOCUS : Decimals & Percents.

Zeta extends the student’s concept of place value to the right of the decimal point. Students learn to complete core operations with decimals. The connection between fractions and decimals is presented using hands-on blocks and inserts.



FOCUS : Division for single and multiple-digit numbers & Other Topics.                                      

Algebra 1

Graphing, simultaneous equations, exponents, polynomials, unit multipliers & Other Topics.


Points, lines, planes, angles, circles, triangles, quadrilaterals, pythagorean theorem, conic sections, proofs & Other Topics                             

Algebra 2

Factoring polynomials, quadratic formulae, graphing conic sections & Other Topics.                           


Trigonometry, identities, polar equations, logarithms, sequences, limits & Other Topics.                          


Derivatives, integrals, calculus applications, differential equations & Other Topics.