CRA Methodology & Learning Styles

In this lesson you'll be learning about the CRA methodology. Watch through the lesson and then read the following recap:

CRA Methodology

Concrete: The physical component - something you can touch, see hold, feel. E.g Brushing, feeding or riding a horse

Representational: Converting from the 3D physical object to a 2D version. E.g a picture of the horse, a video of horses.

Abstract: Converting the 2D representation to a dedicated set of symbols used to communicate the idea - The 'squiggles on the piece of paper'. E.g Spelling the word: "horse"

When you put yourself in the shoes of the child, you start to see just how important this connection from the physical to the abstract is. So when we (adults with a clear and now somewhat automatic understanding of maths) jump straight to the abstract, the child gets confused because there is no context for what that actually means yet. So having the concrete and representation give your child that context.

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