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By Jasmine

Because we've had a few requests for these links, we've included them here so you can come back to them anytime. 

Math-U-See USA is the parent company of the Math-U-See products. In Australia, we as Maths Australia offer the complete 'Australianised' and revised edition of all the same materials - but better, because all the inches, pounds and dimes/nickels are taken out of the wordspeak. 

There's no point learning dimes and nickels from America when we don't use that currency here.

However, there's a few helpful resources that you can use with your students, no matter what currency or weight measurement differences. 

Here's those few resources from the Math-U-See USA site.
You can use these as often as you like.

(Just remember to log back into Maths Australia site when you're done, because they don't ship to Australia)

Online Drills:
You can use these to test your student. Choose the facts you want to practice with your student and create drill pages accordingly.

Worksheet Generator:
You can create your very own personalised worksheets and print them off to use with your student at home, after school or in the classroom. Choose the Math-U-See level you are working on with your student, select any lessons you need and this will create your personalised worksheet (the answer key can also be generated, but make sure you click that button).

Let us know if you have any questions,

The Team at Maths Australia

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