How to Educate Your Kids Through Engaging Curiosity

By Jasmine

Kids are sources of chaos and disorder.

Do your kids ever sit still? Are they ever clean and tidy without you telling them to be?

Where does this chaos come from?

They are exploring their world for the first time.

Kids are messy, the house is messy – nothing is in order. And it’s not supposed to be. There’s no point trying to keep a clean house and entertain your children effectively at the same time.

Neil De Grasse, as doctor of astro-physics and popular science, author of best selling books and ground-breaking and award winning TV shows being “the most informative show,” Neil sparks discussion about how to NOT raise your kids. He talks about using curiosity and engaging your child in the world around them.

“Schools should preserve that curiousity of exploring the world for them. They should be curious and interested in what they are learning. Kid’s should be unhappy that school is finished because that means they have to stop learning. Sadly, this isn’t the case. Schools have failed to retain curiousity in learning for our children,” he says.

As a parent who has chosen to homeschool, you’ve understood this on some level. You may have little or no faith in the current schooling system. You may be homeschooling for religious reasons. Or you may just want to spend more time with your kids and be the biggest impact on their world. 

The most important part, Neil de Grasse argues, is to retain your kid’s curiousity through their schooling years so they continue their life with a love of learning. So they become the doctor in the lab coat who just can’t wait to find out the next big organism under his microscope. The historian that won’t let a case rest until he’s found the answer. The practitioner who reads all he can get his hands on about his natropathy degree.

Watch Neil De Grasse explain how we can support our kids become the “movers and shakers of this world.”

Math-U-See provides a way to learn maths while retaining the fun of learning and discovery. Our aim is to support the movers and shakers of this world, by introducing maths in a fun, engaging way. You’ll have multi-coloured blocks, activities, stories and songs to learn math – as well as step-by-step instructions to make sure your child is learning according to curriculum standards.

They’ll want to start learning. Heather, one of our very happy customers, says her daughter went from “passionately HATING maths and mentally shutting down at the mere mention of it, to actually asking for maths problems to be given to her in her free time – for fun! It has been wonderful to see the change in her opinion of “maths” and to watch her actively engage in maths problems with enthusiasm” – through using the Math-U-See program.

Come on, let’s go and get curious about learning!

We can’t wait to get started with you.

It’s not too late.

Excite your child’s curiosity now.

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