Homeschooling – Where Do I Start? State Laws & Essential Subjects

By Jasmine

You’re one of the brave and lucky ones.

Welcome to the engaging and rewarding world of homeschooling.

Start with Maths

Maths is essential. There’s no doubt about it.

But there’s a difference from just “getting through” maths and teaching it to mastery, where your child understands numbers and knows how to use maths in daily life.

Maths Mastery reaches far beyond textbooks. True Maths Mastery shows students the patterns in maths, Why they are learning and How they can apply maths in their everyday lives. These skills are fundamental. With Math-U-See we are not just drilling for answers, we are Mastering and Applying – in every day life situations! 

Imagine not knowing what numbers were – and not knowing how to use them. Imagine not being able to count out your change, budget your weekly expenses or run your own business because you weren’t taught maths effectively. True Maths Mastery creates opportunities for student electives, university placement and workplace opportunities. True Maths Mastery provides endless opportunities and not only enhance confidence in using maths on a day-to-day level, but also increases confidence in all areas of life.*

*Research proves that kids gaining confidence in maths dramatically affects their confidence across all subjects and aspects of life.

Every student deserves the opportunity to be taught in the way they learn and to Master Maths for life, whether it be for general instruction, intervention, learning differences or support for gifted children that need specific instruction at their own pace…

Based on research proven methods, Math-U-See teaches foundational, fundamental and sequential. Using hands-on, multi sensory blocks, numbers are introduced with colours (proven to increase number recall) and maths suddenly becomes easy – engaging – and fun.

So if you’re looking for a solution, sick of maths programs that don’t work, have bored kids or kids that hate maths class, join thousands of other parents just like you who have – finally, thanks to Math-U-See – best of all, happy kids!

Let’s get started!

First of all, its important to identify how much your child knows (and the gaps that need to be filled in).

Take your free, easy Placement Tests to know where (and what) to start teaching them.

Once you know where your child is at, you can start building from there. Most kids have gaps in their understanding which, right now, don’t make much difference, but as they progress into learning more complicated maths problems, they struggle endlessly! Its the same as building a house; if the foundations are weak, you’ll build a house that falls over when the first storm hits it.

PS if you want a good peek at the way we use multi-sensory, hands on teaching methods..

…step by step instructions…

…easy video lessons (like having your own tutor in your living room!)…

… ways to teach and increase confidence in your kids…

…. How to teach maths in a fun and engaging way…

Take a look at what’s taught in each level. If you’ve taken the Placement Test, you’ll know exactly where to start!

Click here to see Math U See by Level 

After you’ve sorted your maths out, we’ve got a great list of interesting, effective and educational programs for English, History, Geography, Science, Music and more (recommended by home-schooling mums who have used the programs themselves!) – coming soon!

So keep an eye on this space!

Need to register? Want to know more about home-schooling in your state? Choose from the following links below

QLD Government Education

QLD Home School Registration and other useful links:

NSW Education Standards authority

NSW Homeschool Registration and other useful links:

Victoria State Government Education and Training

Victorian Home School Registration and other useful links:

South Australia Department for Education

South Australia Home School Registration and other useful links:

Department of Education Western Australia

Western Australia Home School Registration and other useful links:

Northern Territory Government Home Education

Northern Territory Home School Registration and other useful links:

All the best & let us know how it goes!

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