What are the 7 best ways to store your Math-U-See blocks?

After you've bought your workbooks and have your kids ready to start using the program, you're probably wondering how you're going to keep your Math-U-See blocks organised - especially when you're going to be pulling them out for every lesson!

And let's face it, kid's aren't usually very organised by themselves. They like to get dirty, get messy and stay that way. It's the best thing about being a child! But having a clean and tidy home is also important - especially for neat people like me.

Some people like to store their Math-U-See blocks in the original box. And that might totally work for you. But if you're looking for an alternative, here are a few ways we've seen people store the Math-U-See blocks. 

Math-U-See Blocks Storage Options

1. Plastic Tub

This method is the easiest way to store the Math-U-See blocks - just chuck them all in a big plastic box with a lid on it! If you don't mind how the blocks look when you pull them out, this is the best option - especially if you have a few kids. When you pull them out of the plastic tub, they'll get all mixed up on the table during your maths lessons, so if having them neatly put away isn't super important to you, this is the quickest, easiest storage option.

You may already have plastic boxes or bins around the house you can use, or you can grab one next time you go to Target, Kmart or Spotlight. You can even measure the dimensions and order it online.

The main difference between the bins are the shape and design. All bins are easy to carry around the house. This allows you to store your blocks in a shelving unit, or lay on a student work desk.

2. Fishing Tackle Box

These fishing tackle boxes are pretty easy to purchase from hardware stores and of course, fishing equipment stores. Because there are already in-built compartments in the box, it makes it super easy to stack the blocks according to each colour. The result is a well organised box of blocks! This is a favourite amongst many homeschool mums because of the ease of use and that beautiful organised look!

3. Two Tier Storage Box

These are very similar to the fishing tackle boxes, but are probably easier to come by. You can purchase them at Kmart, Spotlight and other craft stores. The two-tier trays open up to show each of the compartments and you can sort the blocks according to number and colour. The handles on these storage boxes also make it easy to pack up and go!

They also usually have a stronger base than the fishing tackle box, meaning you can shove it in the car on your next road trip and it won't get damaged. 

Here's a quick video walkthrough of the two-tier storage box.

4. Stacked Storage drawers

These stacked storage drawers are great if you don't have much space and need to keep an organised desk. By using your vertical space, you keep things neat and tidy before and after maths class. 

You can even label each compartment with basic labels from any print or craft shop. Labelling the compartments with the correct number (and using the correct colour marker) is also a great way for your kids to learn number recognition when they have to put the blocks away after maths class.

5. Adjustable bead organiser

You can also purchase these adjustable bead organiser trays. Because the compartments are moveable, you can fit each of the blocks into the box whichever way you like. This option is great if you have a few kids, where you can seperate a small amount of the blocks and make sure each child has their own "set" of blocks to use for maths.

6. Wooden Block Set

The Wooden Box Set is wonderful to organise your Math-U-See blocks because it is specifically designed for the blocks - which means it has a place for everything. The only thing is, these were so popular that they got sold out very quickly!

7. Ziplock bags

If you want to put the blocks away in seperate groups and can't be bothered to find a tackle box, you can easily seperate the blocks by using ziplock bags. Most of us have a stash of ziplock bags in the kitchen drawer, and you can also order different sizes online. 

Use the labelling trick to teach your kids the numbers and the colour recognition as they use the blocks for maths lessons. These ziplock bags are also very easy to carry around and stuff into a suitcase when you're packing for your next adventure!

If you want to read more about what other Math-U-See users have done to store their blocks, you can read the comments here.

Want some more tips on using Math-U-See?

It's always a good idea to have a listen to what people who have used a program before say about it. Learning from the mistakes of others saves you alot of tears and frustration in the long run, because you don't have to make the same mistakes they did!

You can check out our blog post on "How to Use Math-U-See for the Best Results" here. There are 11 great tips on using the program that you'll definitely want to check out. 

You can also see what others say about using the program too. 

Let us know how you go!

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