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Why Maths Mastery is Not an Abstract Idea (and 3 Ways to Make Sure It’s Concrete)

Learn how educators can help students excel in the classroom and boost their confidence using the Concrete-Representational-Abstract (CRA) Method.Every educator has seen students struggling in maths. Whether they are struggling to retain maths facts; failing to apply what we may see as simple; or simply deciding they are “dumb”. As educators, we feel the heartache […]

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Maths Languaging and the Australian Handicap in Maths

  Children are beautifully attuned to patterns in the world around them. They notice repetitions and regular relationships. That’s how they discover basic laws in the physical and social world and learn to generalize, predict, and think logically. The number system that is used around the world—the decimal, or base-ten system—is built around a wonderfully […]

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