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Tips to Successfully Present a Math-U-See Lesson

Congratulations to you for making the decision to invest in Math-U-See. This program is designed to make both you and your student successful in maths education. If you’ve spent time researching or reviewing the program, you may notice that it is designed differently than others on the market. The differences are intentional and one of […]

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How to Master Tests with Math-U-See

“Test” can often feel like a dirty word.  Upon hearing it, some may develop an emotional response.  Feelings of anxiety and stress can flood in, making it difficult to think of the subject matter being tested.  This isn’t exclusive to students; it can affect the parent as well. Proper preparation for a test is the […]

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Are you Watching the Math-U-See Videos?

One of the wonderful benefits of the Math U See program is the videos provided.  It could be very tempting to just play the videos for your student. However, the videos aren’t just for your student.  They are for you as the teacher.  Are you reaping the benefits of the Math U See videos? The […]

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How to Manage Maths Anxiety

Maths Anxiety? What is that? As with anything new, students may struggle with learning the fundamentals of math.  The difficulty of learning even basic concepts can lead to feeling overwhelmed.  Those feelings can compound and manifest both psychologically and physically.  They can cause headaches, issues with concentration, memory strain, and feeling anxious. Math anxiety can cause children to […]

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Fortify Place Value Lessons with Fun

Learning place value is important as it is one of the fundamentals of maths.  As with any new concept, it may be difficult for your students to grasp. The idea that numbers can be deconstructed and reassembled may be challenging at first. Math U See can help make this easier and fun. With the help […]

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Battle of the Maths Methods: Mastery Versus Spiral

 When it comes to deciding upon an approach to teaching maths, thoughtful homeschooling parents and educators take the time to research all of the options, consider their individual children and students, and make the decision that is best for their own classroom. If you’ve done the research, then you understand how lively those discussions about […]

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