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Every Maths Australia purchase contributes directly to bringing the maths mastery to disadvantaged children across the globe through Math-U-See.

Our work with charities uses maths to help close the cycle of poverty and inequality worldwide. By offering maths knowledge, we hope to create genuine, lifelong opportunities so these children can prosper.

Maths Australia
in Uganda

Math-U-See is now being used to help with maths teaching in several schools in Uganda run by the Irene Gleeson Foundation.

Through the commitment of the foundation’s Danny Graham, Maths Australia are training local teachers and teaching local students through Math-U-See. The goal is to help them to achieve self-sufficiency in education and confidence in the day-to-day application of maths mastery by learning through our hands-on approach.

With 57% of children in Uganda living in poverty, this is vital work. Every purchase you make helps to support it.

Thanks to you, we can now see the exciting results in this video from Kitgum, Uganda, where Danny visited in 2016.

Danny will be returning to Kitgum shortly to continue training and implementation of Math-U-See across IGF’s three schools, reaching over 600 students.

Maths Australia works hand-in-hand with the OneBody Foundation to create opportunities through maths for tutors and students in Nepal.

Our vision is to train teachers & tutors, providing them with an effective, simple-to-use and independent income stream whilst establishing confidence in and mastery of maths for school-aged students. Trials of this work have taken place in the Nabout-Pokhari school, producing amazing results.

With your continued investment in Maths Australia products, we will provide additional resources to enable expansion of the program to other Nepalese schools, teachers and students. With a quarter of the Nepalese population living in poverty, offering the knowledge that can change futures is crucial work.

Together, we are creating a self-sustaining, empowering and highly effective mastery of maths in these communities. This enables opportunities for powerful change in circumstance for everyone – from teachers and students to their wider families.

Maths Australia 
in Nepal