Maths Australia

Our vision
Empowering the world through maths mastery

We believe maths mastery is a key tool for empowering every person on this planet.

Maths mastery enables stronger financial independence, removes barriers to career progression and an ability to navigate everyday life with confidence. 

Through Math-U-See, our vision is to offer accessible tools, guidance and support to enable anyone to develop their maths mastery to a level that will make a difference to their lives.

Maths Australia was formed in 2000 with one clear goal: 

To make maths mastery a reality for everyone.

This came out of a personal desire to teach maths to our own children, and has since expanded to benefit over 7,000 parents, tutors and schools and countless students.

And we are expanding our reach; transforming numeracy outcomes.

In a desire to help more students avoid the heartache and loss of self esteem through maths misunderstanding, Evidence Based Education Resources Incorporated (EBER Inc) was established mid 2017. Its goal?

​To take multi-sensory Maths to Australians through an empowering and collaborative model of education, training and community involvement.

Our program, “Math-U-See” encapsulates this approach. Learn more about Math-U-See here.

Proven research and evidence-based practices sit at the core of our values. Our program creates strong foundations for our inspired drive to make maths accessible, achievable, AND enjoyable.

In short, we love what we do, and the difference we are making….and so here we are for you, teachers of maths!

Whether you’re an experienced school teacher, specialist tutor, or a parent looking to teach or support your kids, we are delighted to share Math-U-See with you; to ensure you have the confidence and tools to deliver fun and engaging maths lessons to EVERY student.