Is My Toddler Ready for Math-U-See?

If you’re little one has taken an interest in the colorful blocks (the Math-U-See manipulatives) included in the Primer curriculum, it might be time to introduce them to Math-U-See! Even though they may not quite be ready to begin Primer, you can prepare your toddler for Math-U-See by providing purposeful activity and play in advance. […]

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What Makes Math-U-See Unique?

 When asked, our parents, home educators, and teachers are likely to describe Maths Australia’s Math-U-See program as “the one with the blocks,” and we are fine with that! Our manipulatives are the heart of who we are; they are the most memorable part of our math program. However, we are much MORE than that. Here […]

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Are Independent Students a Myth?

  Once in a while, it hits you – you realize that your child is marching steadily towards independence. Maybe it’s when your baby crawls for the first time. Or, maybe it’s when your child can count to ten. Maybe it’s when they go on their first date or even when he or she goes away […]

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