Outdoors Maths Fun

Maths is everywhere we are. One of the great things about Maths is that it’s not confined to a textbook. A great way to engage students is to consistently show them how it translates to their daily life. A trip outside coupled with fun maths activities could help broaden their horizons. The world is filled […]

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7 Tips to Create a Positive Maths Culture

Insert daily doses of maths, to establish and enrich a nourishing environment for maths mastery! You know the phrase, “You are what you eat?”  As it applies to maths, we’d like to think that creating good habits early; creates great maths students later.  By inserting daily doses of maths, you provide a nourishing environment ripe for […]

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3 Tips to Add Value to Student Mistakes

Learn how to make student’s mistakes a valuable part of their journey to maths mastery with three easy tips. As a child, did you learn how to ride a bike? How many times did you fall before you were able to master the process? When you were learning to cook, how many times did you […]

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